About Us

Dawna Johnson

Dawna Johnson started her career in Staging 9 years ago while working as a Realtor for Lyon Real Estate Sierra Oaks office located in Sacramento, Ca. A fellow Realtor knew she had been a professional artist for over 35 years and thought that her sense of design had a unique twist to it which would allow her to show off the true features of a home that needed remodeling. This home SOLD within two weeks and within one month Dawna Johnson had twelve homes staged! It was this very opportunity that led to Dawna’s passionate career as a “Master” Stager. Thank You, Celia Darby, Realtor.

Three months after starting Sacramento Staging Solutions Dawna Johnson received her “Master” Accreditation from Stagedhomes.com located in Concord, CA. Dawna Johnson was trained by Barbara Schwarz, Founder and president of Stagedhomes.com.

Dawna’s background in Television, Advertising, Color Consulting and being a Professional Artist for over 35 years brings knowledge that is very valuable in her Staging career. “Camera angles are so important when showing a property on the INTERNET. Color values and hues play off of each other to bring together a room that is warm and inviting to any future buyer. When selling a home it’s imperative to show off its best features,” states Dawna Johnson.

Model homes for years were always decorated and staged to invite buyers. Therefore, staging a home is extremely important if, you want to sell it quickly and for a nice price. In fact, the cost of staging a home is less than the first price reduction.

A Professional Stager is a person who is upfront with the home-owner and Realtor and consults with them as to what is needed to get the house SOLD. If you have a home that you are trying to sell it’s important that the home appear appealing on the INTERNET. The days of driving through neighborhoods shopping for your “new home” are over. Now, couples both work and have just the weekends to enjoy each other and their children. Sunday is usually the day where a couple will sit in front of a computer and pull up the zip code where they want to live. They then browse through hundreds of homes in that area. The homes that are staged and show up with the “Wow Factor” are the homes that attract these couples. These homes sell!

Dawna and her Wow Factor Team are called in when the “Wow Factor” is needed on homes that have been on the market for a long time. They will assess the home and what needs to be done. After a consultation with the Realtor and home owner they then find the “trouble” areas and Stage the home. We have been very fortunate to have these homes SOLD in just a few days from staging after they have been on the market for months at a time,” states Dawna Johnson, Owner of Sacramento Staging Solutions.”